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Marin Business Club FAQ Sheet

Following are some questions and answers to many queries regarding MBC. Donít see an answer to your question? Contact Us to ask your question or inquire about attending one of our Upcoming Meetings.

Q: What is the Marin Business Club?

A: The Marin Business Club is a network of professionals in the greater Marin area who share their expertise and contacts with each other with an emphasis on business development.

Q: How long has MBC been around?

A: The Marin Business Club was founded in the late 1980's.  A significant percentage of current Members are long time members who joined the club many years ago and remain very active because of its integrity, camaraderie and generation of quality leads

Q: Who is eligible to join MBC?

A: MBC is open to any business person who wishes to generate leads and who believes in the benefits of developing relationships with other businesses. In order to insure the quality of leads and strengthen the relationships among our Members, we restrict membership to one person per business category/area of focus. See our Membership Roster for a current list of Members and their professions. If you have any questions about an opening in your business area, Contact Us.

Q: Will I be required to provide referrals or leads, and do I have to fill out a lot of lead related forms?

A: MBC realizes that requiring referrals from Members produces inferior leads and performance pressures none of us need. Accordingly, Members are not required to provide referrals or leads, but their participation in MBC will be greatly enhanced if they do. Moreover, there is no lead paperwork; Members simply make the referral or provide the lead to their fellow MBC Member and tell about it at the next meeting.

Q: How many leads can I expect to get from MBC Members?

A: While some Members receive more leads than others, all of our members do receive qualified leads. A recent member received a qualified lead to his most desired client type after only his third meeting. That referral has led to an ongoing, lucrative relationship.

Q: When and where does the group meet?

A: MBC meets on the second and fourth Fridays at the TBA noon to 1:00 pm, we try to get together closer to 11:30 to network and often stay after to discuss leads.

Our meetings start with brief member introductions (30 seconds), followed by club business, a speaker, and sharing of leads. Announcements and comments are made at the end of the meeting. Guests are welcome to distribute business cards and other literature.

Q: How much does membership cost?

A: There is a one time initiation fee of $30 and a monthly fee of $30, payable in advance either by month or quarter. These fees pay for all club operations and your lunch. MBC does not have any national or regional organization to support, and we believe that membership costs should not be a deciding factor in joining a networking group.

Q: How do I become a MBC Member?

A: Review the Membership Roster to see if your business area is already filled. If not, or if you think your focus area may be distinct from an existing Memberís focus, check out our Meeting Schedule and Contact Us.




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